Mentations - News from the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership


Volume 1 - Fall 1995

The Importance of Good Mentoring Is Recognized
at Harvard Medical School

Nominations for the First Annual Harvard Medical School
Award for Excellence in Mentoring—1995

Upcoming Programs

AMWA Gender Equity Award
Pre-Clinical Award to Neurobiologist
Clinical Award to Nephrologist


Advisory Commitee on Diversity, HMS (Contact: 432-0970)
Mission Statement
"Committed to creating an inclusive work environment for the HMS/HSDM community. Seek to encourage the recruitment, retension and promotion of underrepresented minorities of the community and to acknowledge and celebrate our diverse population. The committee will organize and participate in training to develop the effectiveness of its members as advocates within the HMS/HSDM community. Provide to the community opportunities for education, self-reflection and open discussion of diversity-related issues."


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*mental activity > to probe the innermost layers of > from the Latin ment or mens for mind.  Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language.