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Volume 21 - Spring 2005


New England Science Symposium: March 4, 2005

Established in 1990, the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership Minority Faculty Development Program seeks to: increase the number of URM faculty at Harvard Medical School; increase the number of underrepresented minority (URM) physicians and scientists who undertake their post-graduate medical education at one of the 17 Harvard Medical School-affiliated institutions; establish model programs for the development of URM faculty with an emphasis on mentoring and leadership; and create programs designed to reach out to the pre-college and college populations with the goal of bringing outstanding, underrepresented minority students into the pipeline.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care and Policy
Approaches to Addressing Them

Dr. Eric Whitaker Speaks at Leadership Forum

Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Dental Medicine
2005 Mentoring Awards

Bridge Awards Granted to Four HMS Faculty

Presentation Tips

Southern New England Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Recognizes Student Achievement in Science Research

News from Alumni/ae of the Health Policy Summer Program

They Are a Success!

Awarded to Harvard Medical School in September 2002, and under the direction of the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership, the Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities (COE) seeks to enhance the academic performance of underrepresented minority (URM) students, strengthen efforts to support the cultural competency preparedness of faculty, residents, and students, and to expand current models for underrepresented faculty development and student/faculty research that focuses on issues of minority health and health disparities. The COE's six programmatic areas of focus are: Student Performance, Faculty Development, Information Resources and Cultural Competence, Faculty and Student Research, Student Training in Providing Health Care Services, and Pipeline Programs.

Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities’ First Faculty Fellowship Program Produces Gains in Minority Health Research

Center of Excellence (COE) in Minority Health and
Health Disparities 2005 Annual Meeting

Study About the Use of Complementary and Alternative
Medical Therapies Reveals Issues of Minority Health

HMS Reception at the National Hispanic Medical
Association (NHMA) Annual Conference in Los Angeles

The DCP Office of Community Outreach Programs, established in 1999, builds and supports partnerships among Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the community. These partnerships seek to improve the health of the community and, in particular, address issues of health and healthcare disparity based on racial or societal inequalities. The Office of Community Outreach Programs also focuses on the underrepresentation of minorities within the workforce, with an emphasis on careers in healthcare and the biomedical sciences. OCOP also works closely with the following entities within Harvard Medical School: Minority Faculty Development Program, Office of Enrichment Programs, Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs.

2004-2005 Harvard Medical School Directory of
Community Partnership and Diversity Programs

Reflection in Action: Building Health CommunitiesTM

Harvard Medical School has nearly 6,489 full-time faculty working in eight academic departments based at the School’s Boston quadrangle or in one of 47 academic departments at 18 affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutes.

We welcome, and actively seek, articles from our colleagues at any of our affiliated institutions. We are delighted to showcase here a number of very interesting initiatives that have taken place at some of our affiliated institutions and across several Harvard schools in recent months.

Kenneth Robinson, MD, HMS alumnus, urges us to “Heal the Land”

Entering a ‘White’ Profession: Black Physicians in
Turn of the Century America, 1880-1920

How Cancer Crossed the Color Line: Race and Disease
in 20th Century America

Fabric 2005

Faculty of Medicine Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Dental Medicine One Year Pilot Program

Health Care Workforce Needs Better Diversification,
Say Panelists at Annual Hinton Lecture

Harvard Commemorates its Indian College

Latinos Gather at Harvard to Discuss Latinos and the
Changing Face of Greater Boston

Inaugural Harvard Black Policy Conference

2005 HMS Leadership Development for Physicians and Scientists

Cultural Competency Training Required in New Jersey
Disparities in Minority Enrollment into Clinical Trials

The Minority Faculty Development Programs Diversity and Community Outreach Calendar posts events of interest to the diverse faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows of the HMS community. This calendar, together with the Faculty Development Events Calendar, also serves as a tool to demonstrate the ways in which programs are seeking to facilitate change and growth.

If you would like to post events on the on-line Diversity and Community Outreach Calendar, please visit:


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